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July 25 - 27, 2016
Enterprise Farmers Market, Enterprise , AL

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Don’t miss the opportunity to attend the 2nd Military Helicopters Event, the only event specifically tailored to support all branches of the military, where industry leaders and military/government personnel will come together to discuss, share, learn an ...

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Current Attendee Snapshot

We are expecting a large and experienced turnout at the Military Helicopters Summit. Find out which of your peers will join us in Enterprise this July.

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Present your boss with this customizable letter detailing the reasons why you should attend the upcoming Military Helicopters Summit this July in Enterprise, Alabama and you'll be sure to receive permission to join us.

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CEOs, Directors of Engineering, and top US Armed Forces officials are already signing up to join us at the summit. Take a look at last year's attendee list and let us know if you would like to join these experts.

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US Armed Forces Expenditure Catalogue

Have you kept pace with the evolutions of the US Military helicopter deals, acquisitions, and contracts? We have put together some of the key ones for you in this document, so you have the latest information when you set foot in Fort Rucker in July.

Flyby: Presidential Helicopter Pilot Weighs In on FVL

Major Bryan Smylie (Retired), speaker at the swiftly approaching summit, discusses his experiences as Presidential Helicopter Pilot, his views on the importance of upgrading the helicopter fleet, and how helicopters will evolve into 2020 and beyond.

Retrofits, Modifications and Upgrades (RMUs)

Past speaker Frank Wilcox, Sr. Director - Business Development at Honeywell Aerospace, goes into life cycle costs vs. operation and sustainment costs, helicopter SATCOM upgrades like the 60 kVA Power Generation Upgrade for the UH-60, and more in this past presentation.

Global Military Helicopter Market Report 2015-16

The global helicopter market is currently facing a two-pronged assault with budget cutbacks continuing and a drop in the price of oil impacting civil and oil/gas demands. However, the medium- to long-term view of the market is promising given the presence of strong fundamentals and persistent, sustainable growth drivers. This...

The Military Helicopters Week 2016 - Sponsorship Prospectus

Please complete the form below to download the sponsorship prospectus. Alternatively, feel free to send your request to

10 Major Problems With Combat Helicopters

We took a look at ten of the most common and pernicious problems for military helicopters, and what is being done about them. This is by no means an exhaustive list; it aims to provide a broad overview of the field, which you will have the opportunity to discuss in...

Ten New Developments in Military Helicopters

Future Vertical Lift is on the horizon, and a new generation of rotorcraft is in development. As older helicopters are phased out, newer models take flight. The past year has seen a lot of movement in this space. We’ve gathered some of the most relevant recent stories, in advance of...

Next-Generation Military Helicopters: The Blueprint

As far as rotary-wing aircraft go, there are few assets more desirable to almost any military in the modern world. Owing to their ability to carry out a vast range of missions and the rapidity at which they can be deployed for land, sea or air use, helicopters are key...

Polish attack helicopter programme assessing proposals

Ahead of the briefing from Poland's Operational Command Chief of Staff, Project ‘Kruk’ (‘Raven’) has declared the first of the official contenders for a $3 billion contract to replace the country’s attack helicopters across all three services. 32 of the rotorcraft are said to be needed to...

Electric-Powered Reconfigurable Rotor (EPR2) VTOL Concept

Past speakers David Rancourt, PhD Student in Aerospace Systems Engineering at Georgia Tech, and Etienne Demers Bouchard, Graduate Research Assistant at Georgia Institute of Technology (Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory), discuss how conventional helicopter performance falls short, the Electric-Powered Reconfigurable Rotor VTOL Concept (EPR2), early simulations to predict the performance, and...

Global Helicopter & Systems Market: Capturing Growth Opportunities

Alix Leboulanger of Frost & Sullivan conducts a thorough examination of the growth of the rotorcraft industry. The report makes predictions up to 2022, explores the evolution of helicopter business models, and looks at market growth in emerging regions.

Hawk 33 - A Day in the Life of a Vietnam Cobra Pilot

When we arrived, the hill, which had been cleared of trees, seemed to be moving. As the sun came up, I could see what looked like a thousand NVA soldiers climbing the hill.” - Cobra pilot First Lieutenant Terry Morris This fantastic article was provided by Air Age Media -...

Enhancing Navigation Capabilities: AgustaWestland AW101

This article looks at enhancing the navigation capabilities of the AgustaWestland AW101 Helicopter. This article is provided by Honeywell Aerospace and more info can be found on their website

The Present State of Future Vertical Lift

You are busy between your daily duties and the process of modernizing a decades-old air cavalry fleet - too busy to dig around for industry updates in the intercontinental haystack of the internet. So we have compiled some of the hottest news in the field to give you a quick...